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Infomaker works with solutions for publishing, archiving and distribution of content to the market's largest media houses and newspapers. With over 250 customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Holland, and more than 20 years of line of business experience, we can offer our customers the very best when it comes to publishing, regardless print or digital.

Our editorial system Newspilot has been journalists and editors' tool for almost 15 years. In addition, we connect Open Content, cloud-based archive solutions, E-papers, News apps, Writers and Dashboards. All in order to make everyday life easier for those who create the news, and the experience stronger for those who share them.

We know publishing

Our products and services will simplify and reduce repetitive work and make your publishing more efficient - both in print and digital.

Cloud storage

We take care of your content, store it and care for it in the cloud - always available when you need it.

Web & Apps

We both build and maintain the platforms your content will be featured on.

Input / Output

Vi ser till att allt innehåll du matar in kommer ut och presenteras på samtliga plattformar.

Support & Preparedness

We want to give you the support you deserve, as well as make sure your platforms always operates - around the clock, all year round.

A taste of our universe

Our technical products and services simplifies the production for the entire editorial flow of publications - from writing to end users.

App platform

Create your news app in no time thanks to our well-proven modular system. Personalize in any way you want, the possibilities are endless.


The best editorial tools for planning and publishing on the market - for both print and digital.


Anywhere, anytime with Everyware. Publish to all your channels by one press of a button.


Fast, smooth and exceptionally sharp resolution. A new, improved reading experience for your readers!

Open Content

Vi tar hand om ditt innehåll, lagrar och vårdar det i molnet - alltid tillgängligt när du behöver det.

Newspilot Writer

Your writing tool for publishing in digital channels. Newspilot Writer is open to integrate with Newspilot or other editorial systems.

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