We are doing it again! Parallell to the A Local World conference, we invite you to a hackathon, this time at KalmarSalen, overlooking the Kalmarsund. Everyone is welcome to hack on a plugin for our Writer or Dashboard that will benefit our customers, a mockup or idea that you want to present to the Swedish media industry or something completely different that will benefit the media industry.

After the 2016 A Local Hack we have had an image plugin from TT with a simple drag-drop-functionality for their images in the Writer. Screen9 and Flowplayer both developed plugins for their video services.

We open up at 09:00 on Tuesday 29th of May and are open until lunch time the day after when the hacks are reported to the conference participants of A Local World during lunch.

You bring your devices, ideas and awesome co-workers, we make sure that you are happy and filled with energy during your stay in Kalmar.

For more information and registration, please e-mail: sarah.berg@infomaker.se.

Se you in Kalmar!