Oslo, Norway – March 8, 2019 – Agderposten Medier, in partnership with multiple Norwegian media houses, signed a contract with NEWSCYCLE Solutions (“Newscycle”) for the Infomaker Digital Universe to manage cloud-based content creation, production and presentation.

“Our main objectives for Agderposten Medier and the partnership are to establish a central repository covering all kinds of editorial assets and to introduce new efficient, web-based tools for our journalists,” said Nils Kristian Gauslaa, CEO of Agderposten Medier. “It is also very important for us to radically increase the efficiency of our print production, and we are very pleased with Newscycle’s understanding and commitment to achieving this goal together with us.”

The Infomaker Digital Universe solution includes omnichannel authoring tools, a dashboard for planning, central repositories for all content, and the headless Everyware web presentation layer. News media companies throughout Scandinavia are benefitting from the easy-to-use Infomaker interface for reporters, the ability to bring in other media such as video, and the ability to integrate other programs or add custom tools.

The contract also includes a total migration of the existing Newscycle editorial production tools to the Newscycle Cloud hosting facilities powered by Amazon Web Services, and joint development projects.

Agderposten Medier will take a comprehensive role in the implementation of the solution, as well as providing support to partnered media companies through problem screening and basic diagnostics.

Agderposten Medier is a Newscycle customer on both the editorial and advertising sides of the business. Recently, it partnered with other Norwegian media companies, not only to share costs, but more importantly to share experiences in different areas of their business. Currently, the partnership consists of 16 news media companies throughout the country.

“At Newscycle, we are very excited about this contract and the growing relationship it represents,” said Jonas Bringle, Managing Director of Newscycle’s EMEA region. “Agderposten has been a Newscycle customer for more than 20 years, and we are happy to extend our engagement and help the company and its partners to manage current and future publishing challenges and become even more competitive.”

“We look forward to continuing our tight cooperation with Newscycle,” added Gauslaa. “This also includes joint development projects for print automation.”

The Press-release was also published at Newscycle.com.