Anyone who wishes to continue using Oracle JDK 8 with access to updates must pay a license fee to Oracle. To continue using Oracle JDK 8 after January 2019 without paying such a license does not mean you violate the license or that it ceases to work. However, you will not get any updates on Java 8, which in practice means that version reach end of public updates.

Oracle has in parallel changed its licensing model for commercial use of Java, which means that you need a subscription for commercial use of Oracle JDK. Read more about Oracle's model here:

If you do not want to sign such an agreement with Oracle, the solution is to switch to OpenJDK, the Open Source project that is the basis of Oracle JDK. Several different companies deliver compiled OpenJDK, such as Oracle, Azul, Eclipse, IBM, Red Hat, SAP, etc.

Learn more about this here: Java Is Still Free

The Community Project AdoptOpenJDK provides complete OpenJDK binaries for download to various platforms.

Oracle has been working for a long time with Java to become Open Source. For Java 11, Oracle JDK and OpenJDK are almost identical, such as license agreements, logos, and other packages. For older versions, there may be bigger differences.

Oracle announces that the last version, which will be released to Oracle JDK 8 before the license requirement is introduced, will be version 1.8.0_201 (also 1.8.0_202 u works without license fee), but not the release of the 16th April.

The Oracle Java 8u211/8u212 (1.8.0_211u and 1.8.0_212u) with release date 16th April will result in a need for a commercial Oracle Java license.

How is Newspilot affected?

Newspilot 4.9x and later is tested and works with OpenJDK 8. If you do not want to run Oracle JDK, uninstall it and install OpenJDK instead, For those who prefer to use Oracle JDK 8, it will be alright, with the reservation that there will be no more updates after 1.8.0_202 u, unless the use is licensed at Oracle.

Earlier versions of Newspilot are not tested with OpenJDK. If you are using an older version of Newspilot, we recommend upgrading to the latest Newspilot 4.9 version.

Upcoming Newspilot 5 will require OpenJDK 11 or Oracle JDK 11. Newspilot 5 is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2019. Possibly, OpenJDK 11 will be bundled in Newspilot 5, ie. that it will be included in the software package.

How is Open Content affected?

Open Content is tested and works with OpenJDK 8, but if you run an earlier version, we recommend that you update to the latest version of Open Content. Open Content 2.3, when released, will use OpenJDK 11 and it is included in the Open Contents software package.

How is Editor Service affected in Writer?

Editor Service 4.x has been tested and shows tentatively that it works with OpenJDK 8. Later versions of OpenJDK are unlikely to be available due to future rewriting of Editor Service and its function.