Customized with your branding, typography and colors adopted within the pre-packaged article templates, or created from scratch, unique for you.

Digital Editions are created using the List and Package Dashboard App. It’s a pretty streamlined and fast process, using Infomaker standard digital Writer articles and the Package app to create the editions.

Editions can also be created by AI and algorithms.

Support for different edition types, like a morning and an evening edition, presented with different themes. The

Use push notifications to notice your readers of the new issue availability.

It’s snappy! Digital Editions is a native user experience. Blisteringly fast loading and beautiful presentation. Subtle animations you only notice as a premium feeling. As said before: the devil is in the details

Plug and play. The Digital Editions uses your content, created with the Writer Creation Tool or integrated to the platform. Just drag and drop in the List and Packages App to create and preview an digital edition in minutes.

Read more about the App plattform in our Product Sheet or in the related articles below,