Newscycle is a trusted partner serving over 10,000 customers in 45 countries throughout the world. The Newscycle platforms for advertising, subscriptions and content management enable media companies to drive profitability, accelerate digital business models, and optimize core operations. Like Infomaker, Newscycle is committed to helping companies create stronger, better-informed communities while safeguarding the integrity of news and customer information.

This acquisition will allow Infomaker customers to take advantage of the excellent synergies between our two companies. We are very proud of the technologies, methodologies and collaborative philosophy that we have created at Infomaker, and Newscycle is well known for its software platforms, its global support network and its commitment to the highest performance and cybersecurity standards that our industry demands. Our combined company will be uniquely positioned to develop new transformative digital products and services across print, online, mobile, tablet, OTT and IoT devices.

By bringing together Infomaker’s publishing platforms used for content creation, editing, asset management and omni-channel delivery and Newscycle’s global reach and large customer base, the combined company will be able to provide its customer base with the best-in-class digital-first publishing platform world-wide.

You may be wondering why Newscycle was interested in acquiring Infomaker. Newscycle was looking for a “disruptor” in the area of content creation and presentation. The company was seeking a new way of creating content in the digital era, a more decoupled world, open for others to add and extend as needs change and new business requirements emerge. Infomaker fit this vision quite well from Newscycle’s perspective. This applies to our products, but also to the mindset, methodology and the way we always work closely with our customers in an agile way, which is required to deliver a truly disruptive digital solution to today’s market.

Infomaker has been successful in the last years changing our way of working to innovative and agile methods, and at the same time we understand the importance of new, disruptive tools. We have also proven that our solutions work in the real life – in fact, over recent months, several Newscycle customers have adopted our digital creation tools.

Most of our products are ready to scale. That means time-to-market is quite short, especially if you have a larger geographic market and multiple products – like Newscycle.

Another reason that Newscycle was interested in our company is the fact that Nordic media houses are proven frontrunners. Our media companies and our Nordic news consumers are early adopters of new technology, new methodologies, and new business models. As other markets around the world begin to see these same patterns as in the Nordics, Newscycle will be able to “scale up” its global sales and support organisation to embrace the “Infomaker Way” of being a digital innovator.

It is also important to note that Newscycle is changing its way of working, for instance by separating development of legacy systems and new digitally disruptive solutions. Newscycle has created a lab for developing its advertising, data and commerce solutions, and Infomaker fits perfectly into the company’s plan to establish a truly innovative content lab.

We are sure you have questions about what this change means to you. Over the coming months, Infomaker will be integrated with Newscycle, but please know that your current support and sales contacts will remain the same. Newscycle is committed to expanding and supporting the Infomaker product suite, and our combined team will continue to work with you to provide the same high-quality service levels you have come to expect from our company over the past 15 years.

We promise to communicate with you regularly over the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, read the press release or FAQ.

Thank you for your continued support.


Karin Söderlund, Infomaker Chief Executive Officer -

Peter Månsson, Infomaker Chief Technology and Product Officer -