- For us in the magazine business a smart ePaper solutions is a keen interest. Dagens Arbete is fully focused on digging journalism, story telling and photojournalism where the e-paper format is incredibly exciting for the over all digital reading experience. We also se that the print ad business can grow with the help from the e-paper. I look forward to a creative coorporation with Infomaker, said Helle Klein, CEO and editor in chief of Dagens Arbete when the project began during late 2017.

As the project is now live we can note that Dagens Arbete really kept their promise and invest in the digital reading experience. First is issue no. 5 followed by a special issue about the woods. This special edition will only be available in the apps.

Of course, older editions of Dagens Arbete will be available in the app as well so that readers can go back and read earlier articles and reportages. In the app there is also a very smooth search function that makes it easy to find previous topics and articles of special interest.

- To work with Dagens Arbete has been a giving process. Challenging and fun! They wish for the best possible reading experience so that their readers are going to take their new digital reading to heart. All with the latest functionality. Dagens Arbete is the first customer with a new search functionality in the apps and they are really good at using the possibility to link the ePaper to related materials such as videos or interactions in social media, says Susanna Berggren, project manager at Infomaker.

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About Dagens Arbete

Dagens Arbete is a news paper for members of the union parties IF Metall, GS and Pappers. Terms of the work life is our main focus, both in the magazine and on the web. The magazine comes out in three editions - one for each unions members, with a combined edition of 400 000 ex. Dagens Arbete focuses on digging journalism and has won the Guldspaden award two times, and have been nominated to this award 10 times.

About Infomaker

Infomaker develops world-class publishing tools, empowering the media houses of the future. Thousands of professionals and millions of people interact with Infomaker solutions every day in different ways, ranging from content creation to presentation on the web, in native apps and in print. We ensure that news coverage are planned and created. Articles, images and other content is available and presented when, where and how consumers want. We are committed to constantly innovating and improving our services to meet the needs of media houses with a focus on the European market. Today and tomorrow.