Let's briefly highlight the new plugins that the teams worked on in Kalmar.


Fotoware's developers worked really intense together with Infomaker developers to create a Fotoware plugin that, besides being a image provider, added information of how many times the imaged had been used before. It also verified the source of the image. Really useful features when dealing with fake news and factfulness.


The danish wire and image provider did fast progress in their plugin development to the Writer and could demonstrate an plugin that included text from the wire news and images with metadata with some technology improvements.

Knowing company

Klas Ehnemark turned their Aistorian technique to a twist where i could interact with a written news-article instead in the Infomaker Writer. Aistorian lets you interact with historical people or items in Kalmar by means of a unique collaboration with the museum in Kalmar county. Knowing company elaborated on a hack for news interaction with chat and voice now and in the future.


Stampen worked with features to improve the creation of longer stories in Infomaker's Writer.

North Media A/S

Finding the plugin making in Infomaker's Writer interesting to hack on for two days, North Media A/S came to Kalmar with hardly any plugin development experience. They left Kalmar with a good start for a plugin to their image tool at Söndagsavisen in Denmark.

The Infomaker plugin support at the hackathon

At the hackathon, Infomaker had a team ready to help each other and the teams. And hackathons can be intense, that is a well known fact.

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