The ability to add in-app-purchases adds some important advantages:

• It’s the easiest way for the user to buy a digital subscription.

• It’s safe - both for you and the user.

• It increases the conversion from consuming your content for free to becoming a paying, recurring customer.

• The in-app-purchase can be synchronized with own subscription system.

• In-app-purchases open up the ability for free trial periods on iOS.

Your users can now buy a digital subscription just using the platform’s built-in purchase mechanism. You’ll get paid from Apple or Google, minus their fee. Both non-renewing and auto-renewing subscriptions are support.

In the backend, the App Platform has the ability to integrate your subscription system with the App Store and Google Play universe. The in-app-purchase is automatically communicated to and synchronized with your subscription system. To start with, that integration is available for Tulo Payway customers.

A user that has bought an digital subscription using in-app-purchase is automatically updated in your subscription system. And if the user terminates the subscription, that’s synced to your system as well.

See the example below for the most important steps in the purchase. In total a subscription via the in-app purchase takes really short time and in a minute or so a new subscription is started.

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