Infomaker Gräv 2019 Hackathon. Image: Olaf Speier, modified by Joakim Holmevi.

Cooperation is everything

Come to us. If you are a developer -come to us April 4-5, 2019. Infomaker arranges a hackathon where developers can share experiences with investigative journalists and media actors. You can have your own idea you want to develop or get inspiration from an investigative idea on something you think should be tested to be developed.

Grävseminariet 2019. If you are a journalist - and carry an idea of ​​a fair application for investigative journalism. Share your idea with us right now by sending an email, and we can help to see if it would be possible to bring it to the hackathon-developers.

Infomaker Hackathon Gräv 2019. We really like the opportunity to meet and inspire each other, see code get created and give the opportunity to focus and concentration. We have arranged many hackathons and previously, fantastic solutions for publishers have seen the light of day at these events. Do you remember a local hack?

Good to know

Date. Infomaker invites you to Hackathon in Kalmar 4-5 April 2019.

Participants. We hope to get participants from Infomaker, Newscycle, interested IT providers and developers from publishers. There are limited number of places and we reserve the right to spread the places to as many different stakeholders as possible.

Place. We start at the Gotamedia House on Thursday and continue at the Investigative seminar Grävseminariet in Kalmarsalen on Friday.

Presentation. Completion on Friday 5/4 with presentations for the journalists who are participants at the conference. You are expected to show what was developed during the hackathon and you can get help with presentation if you think you need it. During presentation we will have a moderator.

Costs. Food and drink for participants are on us. If you travel here to attend you are responsible for booking and the cost of travel and accommodation itself.

Registration. The application to the hackathon is managed via the following link to Meetx (trippus). The hackathon 4-5 April is free of charge and if you want to attend the Grävseminariet on Saturday 6/4, you need to specify it in particular. Participation at Grävseminariet April 6 costs 2000 SEK, which is paid by the participant.

As said. It is a limited number of places and we reserve the right to spread the places to as many different stakeholders as possible. Therefore, wait for confirmation from us before booking travel and accommodation.

Collaboration 1. On our hackathon, you obviously work together in teams and perhaps with input from some investigative journalist, but that is no requirement, is best to add from the beginning.

Collaboration 2. If you attend the hackathon you will get access to Acta Publica's api for text and development purposes.

Preliminary Schedule

29 mars

Lecture on investigative journalism for developers at Infomaker by Barometern, Svt, SR in collaboration.

4 April

09:00 Hackathon day 1-start Södra Långgatan 31, Kalmar

23:00 Hackathon day 1- ends

5 April

08:00 Hackathon day 2 - start Glasverandan, Kalmarsalen, Kalmar

09:00 Official start of Grävseminariet (but then we have run the Hackathon in 24h already).

16:00-17:00 Hackathon day 2 - Ending with presentation in the Kalmarsalen, Kalmar

Find us!

4 April

Go to Södra Långgatan 31

5 April

Start at Kalmarsalen

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