Infomakers authoring tool Digital Writer offers an open plugin architecture that allows third party developers to extend the experience. The solution means reporters and editors can search for relevant content from YouPlay in the popular authoring tool Digital Writer and then drag-and-drop a video clips straight into the article, without the need to log into an external web portal.

“Having online articles enriched with relevant video clips is more important than ever, and this plugin brings the content provider straight to a reporter’s finger tips. Finding the right video to enhance your text has never been easier,” says Tomas Cederlund, project manager at Infomaker.

The plugin was developed together with YouPlay publisher PlayAd and Swedish newspaper Nya Wermlands-Tidningen, which was looking for a quicker way for reporters to add value to their articles with video.

The plugin is already being used by NWT and is now available for all of Infomaker’s customers.

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“This is another example of how Infomaker’s digital platforms can be customized to suit our clients’ needs. With YouPlay, we add a plugin to our collection that aim to speed up and simplify the work process for our users,” says Tomas Cederlund, project manager at Infomaker.

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YouPlay offers publishers free video content from premium providers such as AFP and Getty Images, while also producing its own videos on topics ranging from breaking news to sports and entertainment.

YouPlay is the latest third-party developer to create a plug-in for Infomaker, joining the likes of Swedish news agency TT in making its content available directly through Digital Writer.

“We’re excited to work with Infomaker to make our library of top-quality videos easily accessible for reporters who want to make their articles stand out online. The combination of YouPlay content and Infomaker’s user-friendly platform will make it easier than ever to give website visitors a powerful multimedia experience,” says Marc Schäfer, at PlayAd Media Group.

About Infomaker

Infomaker is one of the leading partners for media companies in the Nordic region, known for it’s early adoption of new tech solutions and efficient organizations. We develop and supply software, consulting services and training for premium publishers. We work together with over 150 media houses, newspapers and magazines.

About YouPlay

YouPlay’s in-house platform is built on the world’s leading video technology and support both video on demand and live streaming, offering a complete video platform for the online publishing world. The technology is free thanks to our ad revenue share-model, offering new income instead of fixed costs.