Infomaker’s Integrity policy covers personal data processing in our agreements for products and services that are delivered by Infomaker Scandinavia AB. The Integrity policy also covers personal data processing in all web pages at and

Personal data processed at Infomaker

Example of information that is processed by Infomaker as controller:

Name of companies, customer’s contact persons, persons in general.

Telephone number and e-mail.

Information about use of web service (i.e ip-numbers in access logs).

Information about use of the web site or mobile app, as visits of subpages.

Chat, mail and calendar events.

When Infomaker acts as a processor of personal data of a customer there is more information about the processing in certain processor amendments.

Where is Infomaker getting personal data?

We get personal data from forms at our websites, by registrations in mail or by use of any of our products/applications or services. Example of personal data collection:

At purchase and agreement processes of products and services.

At usage (log in) to products or services.

By signing up to webinar, courses and events.

By signing up for newsletters by e-mail.

By contact forms.

When you use our websites we have cookies that automatically collects and store information about the visit. Cookies can be described as a small data text file, that the website you visit create on your computer or device. In the text file some browsing information is stored to make the experience on the sites better.

You can always decide yourself if you want to allow and clear cookies. There is more information about how to administer your cookies in your browser’s help section.

Infomaker’s objectives to process personal data

Infomaker process personal data as follows:

To be able to provide out products and services, and to give support and operations of the products and services.

To be able to send and publish relevant information.

To be able to take contact and to offer our products and services.

We can create profiles based on the information that is collected, to be able to offer the most relvant products and to provide a good service on our websites and in our newsletters. The information is based on information you voluntarily share with us. If you don’t want us to analyse your visit you can come incognito or use a browser add-on. We don’t collect any information from any third party with the help of the profiles.

How do we store personal data?

Personal data from the use of our products are processed in Infomaker’s licensing- and user management, at support and operations, for finance purposes (such as invoicing and administration).

Information from forms at or are stored in registers and are used at newsletters, event registration, support, documentation and development.

We also store personal data in our calendars, e-mail, contact books in telephones and computers.

When is personal data deleted?

Personal data can be deleted after the customers contact with Infomaker’s support and in accordance with processor agreements. Our policy is to store personal data as long as there is an objective to do so.

Some information is stored for three months before deletions and according to agreements they may be stored for a longer period.

If there is legislation that implies that the information should be kept we will not delete them.

Third party sharing of personal data?

Personal data is not shared to third party, although Infomaker may use sub processors in the delivery. Such sub processors may process personal data on behalf of Infomaker.


As a user of Infomakers website and as a customer of Infomaker products and services you have the right to have insight in the processing of personal data. You can also call for corrections, and deletion of personal data in accordance with GDPR.

When the processing of personal data is based on acceptance, you can at any time redraw that acceptance, for example to unsubcribe to Infomaker’s newsletter.

If you think that Infomaker has not fullfilled your right according to GDPR, you can go to the Swedish Data Protection Authority, by sending a complaint via the address found here:


Infomaker Scandinavia AB

PO Box 347

391 23 KALMAR



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