During spring 2016 we went live with the first version of My apps for Hallpressen. In total 10 apps for their different brands. The apps have quickly "become part of their readers everyday live with a large number of daily users. The readers have appreciated the speed, simplicity and design of the apps. Now its time to launch the next step, "Near me" with unique, local and personalised news for each user.

"Near me" is a function that makes it possible for a reader to creater their own news feeds based on geographic area. For example you can set up a news feed for events close to home, one for work or for your kids school area.

-The trend is very clear, the users are leaving desktop and read their news in the mobile instead. That is why we have turned our focus towards app development and a really good reading experience says George Grönwald, editiorial development manager with Hallpressen.

"Near me" is focusing on the users possibility to controll his or hers news feed and their possibilities to just take part of the news they are really interested in. A possibility to reduce the noice and screen the real news. For that uniqe user.

-You will also get automated push notifications based on your news feeds says Patrik Granlöv, Delivery Manager at Infomaker. Many readers love to stay updated and the push-functions is also really smooth if you have a smarth watch like the Apple Watch Patrik continues.

-I think we will redefine the concept "read the magasine" to "take part of news" says Patrik Granlöv. This is a great leap in that direction wich makes the apps more attractive in competetion with other apps that we use today, Patrik finishes.

The new apps are supported by Infomakers Live Content cloud service that serves the readers with updated news, in real time, without any delays.

-This means that Hallpressen can have their news published much quicker than the competitors and therfore become the first hand choice of the readers, Peter Månsson, CTO at Infomaker explains.

-The big challenge has been to, in a educational way, get the users to really adapt to "Near me"-feeds. It will be really exciting to se what effect this can have on our traffic now that we release this function in all of our apps for both iOS and Android, George Grönwald continues.

The apps are available for download in App Store and at Google Play. Near me is a part of the Infomaker platform for news apps.

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Patrik Granlöv, Delivery Manager Phone: +46 701 44 22 44 E-mail: patrik.granlov@infomaker.se

Peter Månsson, CTO och CPO Phone: +46 70 55 884 80 E-mail: peter.mansson@infomaker.se