We constantly work on improving all of the services that are being developed, maintained and monitored by Infomaker. Maintainence and upgrades can be rolled out during work hours without downtime. Our cloud based services are redundant and scalable in the Amazon environment, where Infomaker can take full responsibility for operations, support and maintanance. We also offer support within office hours or during the day of production. We can also offer application responsibility that gives you the possibility of flexible technical competence.


Infomakers dispatch central sends immediate alarms to our organization that are always prepared. Critical alarms are handled with short lead times. The right resource are quickly in place and communications channels are set up to inform about activites that are made to stabilize and restore the production environment. What caused the downtime will be followed up on and investigated to improve the stability of the environments further.


We offer support thrugh phone, e-mail or the jira-ticket system. Our support are coordinated by a coordinator that makes sure your matter will get the right attention and competence to solve the issue in a proper way. Everyone at Infomaker are available resources for support, from consultants to project managers to senior developers. All to offer the best support for you. An important part of the support work is daily matters lead to constant improvements of our delivery. No matter is to small or large to lead to knowledge and improvements.

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