• Suggest search

• Customizable workspaces

• Customizable user profiles

• Module and extension based

• Resource planning with Newsroom Planner

• Publishing with Newsday planner

• Developer and user friendly

• Open for you and other third parties

• Push notification app

A streamlined and very logical workflow, combined with the ease that you are used to from social media apps. That is Infomaker Dashboard.

In short: Infomaker Dashboard is the ultimate tool box for the modern newsroom.


Via the Dashboard start page you get control over the entire production planning workflow. You get a clear overview of your content, your deadlines as well as your personal, or shared, to-do-lists and publishing times. You can easily search for;

• My articles

• Articles filtered per author

• Filter per status or other meta data

• Articles planned for a specific channel

• Articles tagged with specific categories, entities or events

• Text search

• Combine many filters to get your selection

Adjust Dashboard for your own needs and add new functions when, or if, you need them. All of our digital tools work in, or with, the Dashboard wich gives your users a streamlined and natural way to increase efficiency. Dashboard gives our, and your, developers a plattform for a quicker way to get new products to the market. You can develop your own Dashboard Apps and plugins and integrate them with Dashboard if you miss an important function for your way to work.

Newsday Planner - production planning

Control your newsfeed and distribute your content over the day based on statistics and knowledge about when certain news, and specific content, is best received.

All this to create a better distribution and maximum interest for the news in your flow at a given time when most people consume their news.

Newsday Planner helps you handle a time slot based planning process for maximum result, publishing the right content in the right time.

“-For us, this planning tool to help us focus our digital publishing has been a great help when it comes to improving the the entire workflow for our editors. We have worked with time slot optimization and have focused on publishing the right content in the right time before. With this planning tool we can take the next step in that direction" says Marcus Ekdahl, news chief at HD-Sydsvenskan.

Your readers expect you to serve them with relevant and correct news. A digital planning tool helps you get ensured that you are delivering this to your readers and you get a clear overview of all your planned publishing.

Spread your content in columns with date- and time slots. Ad buttons to easily search for planned content. By using colored status icons you get an immediate overview of whats in the pipe, what needs to be approved and what is ready to publish.

To change a previous planned article, just drag-and-drop it to another date and another time slot. Your team will see this re-planning immediately.

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