To offer a soft, quick reading experience is a bit more challenging with Android than iOS. The Android market is fragmented both in terms of units and in Android versions. There are really powerful smartphones and tablets but also really bad ones. To render newspaper pages takes a lot of resources when it comes to CPU and memory. We have optimized the speed of the rendering processes and chache mechanisms.

We have managed to do this without damaging the key attribute of our ePaper - the high resolution text and graphics, no matter the zoom level.

In this latest version the full screen mode is maximized - we use the entire screen, including the space normally used by Android navigation in both top and bottom.

This upgrade means a real improvement and we hope that you, who has already upgraded is experiencing the same. Have you not yet upgraded your app/apps you are more than welcome to contact us.

The latest version of Android ePaper needs Android version 4.1.