Signing with Scrive

It has been time to adopt Data Processing Amendments between Infomaker and your organisation. The goal for us is to have the amendments in place as the GDPR comes into effect the 25th of May 2018 although we are fully aware that there is not so much time left. We have included the Data Processing Amendment in a Scrive-mail, that we will send to you in a couple of days, for you to read and control. You are able to sign it in this form with the link in the mail. After signing, we will send you a confirmation and the both party signed amendment.

If we send to wrong recipient in your organization, you should just decline and give us a note about who is the correct GDPR contact.

GDPR development issues that may be found

Identify and prioritize GDPR-issues and need for development or changes together with Infomaker. We manage GDPR-issues the same way as any other development issue.

Infomaker personal data and privacy

Infomaker’s Integritetspolicy is an draft version and we are working on our final (english) version.

If you are interested in reading more about our GDPR work we can send you our Whitepaper for GDPR. There is also an article on our Swedish web that may be found interesting.

Customer personal data is always controlled by customer. You, as a customer, are responsible for maintaining privacy policies that address your customers (i.e the collection, use, and disclosure of your users’ information - as well as keeping those policies up-to-date) although Infomaker may process your information in certain situations as we cooperate.