Newspaper readers are increasingly turning to their mobile or tablet to access both news, crossword puzzles and ads. That makes it more important for the e-newspaper to look as much like the traditional print edition as possible.

So when Sydsvenskan bought up Helsingborgs Dagblad they started searching for an e-paper solution that could offer more functions and improved stability in order to meet the increased demand for their digital editions.

”We used to have several different suppliers for different newspapers, where Sydsvenskan and HD had two different platforms. But we often had problems with the service and were therefore looking for a supplier who could offer one common solution,” says Sara Dupont, project leader at HD-Sydsvenskan.

Having a good e-paper is extra important these days in order to meet the overall trend of decreasing print circulations and increased usage of digital news apps.

”All of our print subscribers automatically get the e-paper as well, and many are now choosing a combination where they get the print newspaper on weekends but read the e-paper during the week. So it’s important that those products complement each other very well,” says Sara Dupont.


Just like many other newspapers in the Bonnier group, HD-Sydsvenskan chose to switch to Infomaker’s ePaper solution for publishing their digital editions.

”We already had positive experiences from working with Infomaker as supplier of other systems, and our friends within the Bonnier group were very happy with ePaper, including leading national dailies Dagens Nyheter and Dagens Industri,” says Sara Dupont.

Infomaker’s ePaper focuses on creating a positive reader experience with the help of a user friendly design and sharp graphics that look identical regardless of the platform. It also creates a recognition factor by using the same layout and typefaces as the print newspaper.

”An attractive e-paper is an important step toward digitalising your end customer. It’s much easier for readers to start using the e-paper when they recognize the print edition. That’s why ePaper is a product we are really focusing on and are constantly developing to meet our customers’ needs, says Pernilla Bröms, project leader at Infomaker.

That also requires a close cooperation between the supplier and the newspaper to make sure the layout is as identical to the print edition as possible.

”We had a very intense collaboration before launch, but it was extremely well organised and an efficiently structured project from beginning to end. We have always maintained a good dialogue with Infomaker with great response,” says Sara Dupont.


HD-Sydsvenskan’s new apps based on ePaper were launched in March 2017 and quickly became a success. The number of pure e-paper subscriptions have more than doubled since then thanks to the overall trend toward digital, and yet the new apps have been much more stable than the previous solutions.

”The biggest benefit is that we are delivering a much more stable service to our readers. That was the main basic goal from day one when we switched to this solution. In addition, we have definitely seen a big increase in digital readership during this year. Maybe that would have happened naturally anyway, but this platform is so stable and good that our readers often praise the e-paper when we meet them face to face. It means they can take the paper with them anywhere they go, says Sara Dupont.

Another popular benefit with ePaper is the ability to add functions that weren’t available previously.

”Being able to solve crossword puzzles and sudoku digitally is a function that had been very sought-after by our readers. Having clickable ads also opens up a big business potential,” Sara Dupont said.

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