For many users, the ePaper is the digital entry point, serving as a conversion path to other digital offerings.

Let your readers find what they are looking for with the archive module

Archive is a feature that readers value and use. The page archive search is nicely integrated as a part of the top navigation of the ePaper, easy to access and use. The search is incredibly rapid and the search response is immediate.

The search result list is sleek and elegant and gives your reader a fast overview either in a search phrase context list or as a spread preview list.

The archive add-on feature means that your readers spend more time with your content and experience a higher value.

Analyze and optimize - act instead of react

Our ePaper is a platform that allows a deeper understanding of reading behavior. Based on user data you are able to track, measure and analyze how readers engage with your digital edition.

Data is the key to be able to act continuously on your readers behaviour. Infomaker ePaper helps you to track and measure your KPI:s. We can help you to analyze the data and prepare and implement changes to presentation, navigation, ads or what ever.

Attracting readers and advertisers and optimizing their ROIs is essential to growing an ePaper business. And the importance of the digital edition is increasing. Many publishers treat ePaper as an own business.

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If you prefer to read all this in a pdf it is here.