Enjoying our first year with a common WAN-IFRA exhibition together with Newscycle teaming in a double booth. Many demos and presentations of excellent Infomaker digital products covering the spectra of Create and Plan, Presentation and future thoughts of print.

Here are some short impressions from some of the people that were there.

Karin Söderlund recognize that there are smaller booths now a days at this exhibition. Key players were there, but only with small booths and this probably goes along with the overall trend. Try- Buy - Pay. The trend is to buy with out speaking to anybody and that is a challenge that we are getting more and more ready to meet.

Another hot trend at the exhibition was that there never has been so much talk about print.

- Everybody at Ifra talk about automating print, including both vendors and customers. We (infomaker and Newscycle) talk about elastic layouts, were we finally want to adjust the layout to the content and not the opposite. The customers expect us to have that, says Peter Månsson.

Ronnie Willis, Newscycle (working at the Infomaker Kalmar office this week) adds to Autmatic layout discussion that the Manual process also seem to be very important still, maybe late in the process. You want everything to be automatic, but maybe want to add or change something manually at the page in Indesign in the end of the process.

- We met a lot of Newscycle customers, a lot of different nationalities who were really interested in all our solutions. Many found the ePaper solution interesting and they like what they see. Automated print + layout and templates, Digital Writer, Dashboard and OC and many want to build their own CMS, Ulrika Billström summarizes the three days in Berlin.

From the impressions of our Infomaker and Newscycle colleagues it may be concluded that many visitor at the exhibition in Berlin are print oriented rather than digital oriented, so while Newscycle and Infomaker are looking at solutions for automated print that can not be on the expense of Digital development and innovation.