That is one of all the positive comments that we heard when visiting FD Mediagroup in Amsterdam. FD Mediagroup have several brands that produces subscribed content. The biggest is, het Finacieele Dagblad. Less than a year after the proof of concept they are producing editorial content in the digital Writer.

The project had an agile approach which wasn’t easy at first. The scope changed during the project. To be able to change the scope is one of the great benefits when running an agile project. The changes are at the same time the most challenging parts. Changing the scope might effect your budget, your resources, your planning or the features you would like to have in the products that the project is depending on.

- It was a tough time though we pulled through, thanks too the collaboration between developers, editorial staff and of course with the help of Infomaker, says Philippe Bressers, Project Manager at FD Mediagroup.

FD choose to continue using their own repository which have in some ways been a challenge. The backend was not ready for the integration with digital Writer and it generated a larger work effort than expected. The image workflow for the websites were also changed into a modern solution with Imgix. A time consuming factor was to maintain current workflow and at the same time get the new workflows up and running.

For FD Mediagroup locking mechanism and collaboration was not in the scope from the beginning. Locking mechanism turned out to be a blocker for golive and implemented by FD. Collaboration is still the most wanted next step for Writer at FD which it is at Infomaker as well.