Flexibility with modules

Everyware is a web publication platform that makes it easy to publish your created material from Infomaker's editorial tool Newspilot.

Everyware collects, and organizes, the published material from Infomakers content platform Open Content where all material is being stored. Everyware benefits from Infomaker's universe where we have collected all the different elements you need for a creative, modern media production process.

Built on a standard

Everyware helps publicist to structure and design their websites in a simple way in a responsive world where a mobile user is becoming increasingly important. Build a structured, yet flexible, website where large changes are easy and quick to perform.

Wordpress is the platform that Everyware is built on which opens up possibilities to use ready made functionality for a number of different services in terms of plugins and widgets.

For Everyware users it is easy to write own plugins that makes their website unique.

Everyware is hosted in a scalable and redundant Amazon-environment and uses techniques such as PHP, OpenResty, Lua, Redis and MySQL.

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Please, read more in the Everyware product sheet.